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Beet Root - Remedy's Nutrition
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Beet Root

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 Beta Vulgaris








Beet root capsules or Beet root Powder have been used extensively by many cultures as a 'blood builder'.  Beets contain bioavailable iron as well as folic acid, and increase the oxygen uptake of cells. For some, supplementation with natural beets or a beet root powder supplement can be an affordable alternative to supplements such as  Floravital® (which tends to be more expensive as the price has to cover the glass bottle as well as the juices and other liquids utilized in the product). 

The humble beetroot  contains folate and manganese; it also contains Betaine.  Although discussed in more detail under our Betaine HCL product, Betaine deserves mention here because it helps the human body to secure nutrition that it cannot manufacture, such as methionine (a sulphur compound), critical to liver and kidney health.  In helping us to obtain methionine, Betaine can also help joint pain sufferers to form cartilage in their joints, and helps to improve hair and nails.

But the benefits Beetroot capsules or Beetroot Powder do not stop there - clinical studies have proven that beets support heart health and a healthy blood pressure.  It helps the body to produce NO (nitrous oxide), a valuable benefit for athletes and anyone wanting to increase their endurance.  See the clinical study at for more information. The study 'Beetroot juice improves in overweight and slightly obese men postprandial endothelial function after consumption of a mixed meal' highlights that 'Beets were also found to be beneficial for In healthy overweight and slightly obese men.' (

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

 'Chemoprevention of lung and skin cancer by Beta vulgaris (beet) root extract' (

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