Anti-Oxidant Tea 3 oz

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Organic Anti-Oxidant Tea


Antioxidants protect the body and support a healthy immune system by attacking free radicals in the cell and helping to process waste debris created when the cell processes glucose into energy.  

The process of oxidation can produce free radicals which create chain reactions that can kill the cell or damage it. Therefore, supplementing with dietary antioxidants is a good precaution for maintaining cell health. 


Natural Anti-Oxidants


Antioxidants vary in strength and are ranked by what is called an 'ORAC' value. The higher the number the more potent the antioxidant. Oregano, featured in our tea, has an ORAC value of over 200,000 as compared to grape juice at 2,377. Yerba Mate, also featured in our tea, has an ORAC value of 10,000. That may not seem like much when compared to oregano, but Yerba Mate also contains fatty acids, chlorophyll, flavonols, polyphenols, trace minerals, 15 amino acids and vitamins and minerals. In vitro tests show that Yerba Mate protects cell health.

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