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Ultimate Detox (Check Supplement Facts Box for a List of Organic Ingredients)

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Detox is the word on everybody's lips...but what does 'detox' really mean?  Some people think a laxative, colon cleanse or colonic is a 'detox'.  In a limited sense it is, but it only cleans the colon.  In addition, harsh laxatives tend to rush water through the colon, leaving behind dry and hard fecal matter.  Toxicity, however, is found in many other places in the body - in the liver, the lymph glands, etc.  In order to be a true 'detox', a body cleanser should be a total body detox, gently working on supporting and cleaning all of the areas in the body that may tend to 'collect' toxicity.

Remedy's Detox Tea and caps is a true total body detox.  It is only taken once daily, usually before bed.  It is so effective that the majority of persons start to feel a difference by the second or third day.  The best thing about our detox is that it requires no special diets, avoidance of foods or consumption of anything special.  In addition, you do not need to be close to a restroom or to undergo discomfort.  The gentle ingredients in Remedy's Detox support liver detoxification; however, by the third day or so you will notice your stools are larger, but pass comfortably.  The unique blend of ingredients promote bowel emptying without diarrhea, loose stools or cramps.  An added benefit are the relaxing herbs, which promote a better night's sleep. 

One 'side effect' that made Detox our number one seller is weight loss, achieved by two mechanisms.  First, by promoting a thorough evacuation of the bowels that is noticeable and second, by allowing your cleaner bowels to absorb more nutrition, thus lessening food cravings.  Most Western world dwellers carry substantial pounds of fecal matter in their colons.  When was the last time that your daily elimination matched your daily consumption?   Look at dogs: they eat, then run out to eliminate.  Humans in modern societies usually consume more food than what they eliminate each day, therefore building up a storehouse of waste and toxins in their colons. 

A guest speaker on the Dr. Oz show discussed detoxification, and an Ayurvedic detox tea was mentioned. However, we respectfully submit that the three-ingredient Ayurvedic tea is probably better suited to cultures that are not as 'toxic' as we are.  Our Detox tea is more complex (composed of more than two dozen herbs),  and formulated to address the combined effects of ongoing stress, heavy fat and meat diets and contaminated environments. 

Remedy's Detox supports the body's systems of elimination, a better night's sleep and weight loss benefits; it's easy to understand why it's our number one seller!

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