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4 Ways to Select a Good Multivitamin!

Posted on August 10 2017

4 Ways to Select a Good Multivitamin!
    If you are one of those people that take vitamins as part of your daily regimen, you would know that it can get a bit hard to choose...


Posted on February 18 2016


Posted on February 10 2016

Electrolytes and You-It Matters!

Posted on November 01 2015

Electrolytes are really important. Learn exactly why, the most common tests, and all the basics.

Arthritis: A Disease or Symptom?

Posted on October 03 2015

Find out what simple at home check you can do. Also we suggest you to get this easy lab test done and a question you need to ask your doctor.

Alleviate Flu Symptoms with Ginger Root and Kudzu

Posted on September 27 2015

The symptoms of the flu are terrible. It'll leave you exhausted. Take a look at these two natural remedies, ginger root and kudzu to help alleviate the flu symptoms.

Red Yeast Rice -- A Natural Statin

Posted on September 20 2015

Red yeast rice can work just as good for you as a prescription drug. Find out which one!

Is Your Shopping Cart Controlled by the Supermarkets Profit?

Posted on September 15 2015

Time to go to the grocery store. Do you know what you want? Best to make a list. Here are 5 quick and simple tips to get in and out of the store without coming home with mostly snack foods!

Is "Detox" a Dirty Word? (Two in the Series)

Posted on August 30 2015

Part II -- We live in a world full of chemicals. These chemicals make their way into our bodies. What are these chemicals? What do we need to give our bodies to protect itself?

Dietary Labels and You

Posted on August 24 2015

Get the facts on Nutrition Fact Labels. Don't let companies keep pulling the wool over your eyes with their labeling tricks. Here's a quick mini-nutrition 101 on Nutrition Facts! Educate yourself and live a healthier life!

Is “Detox” a Dirty Word?

Posted on August 14 2015

What does 'detox' mean? How long does it take to detox? Just one week of detox and are we really going to be healthy? Or is 'detox' a scram the way it has been presented? Here we will go over this and help you to 'detox' correctly and live healthy!

Guidelines for Diet During Chemotherapy

Posted on June 12 2015

Tips for getting the right nutrition during chemotherapy and nutritional goals.

Immunization: Right or Wrong?

Posted on May 11 2015

Always, the question hovers:  which is more important, are the rights of the many or the few?  When does the individual get the right to decide?  When must society impose order and mandate that some give up their rights so that others may be protected?

Leaky Gut and You!

Posted on May 05 2015

Leaky Gut: The Silent SicknessIt seems more and more I see Leaky Gut diagnosis come into my practice. Leaky Gut Syndrome is a wide spectrum ailment that can be reflected...

What is Omega 3 and Where Do I Get It From?

Posted on April 30 2015

What exactly are omega-3 fatty acids? Generally Omega -3 is made of 3 acids: alpha-linolenic acid eicosapentaenoic acid docosahexaenoic acid These are critical for our bodies to delay or reduce...

Control Your Osteoporosis

Posted on April 28 2015

What is on our control with Osteoporosis?It is never too late to keep bones strong and avoid fractures.Risk factors for osteoporosis include:• Female sex• Increasing age• Small, thin-boned frame• Ethnicity....

Arthirtis: A Disease or Symptom

Posted on April 27 2015

Arthritis: A Disease or Symptom In reality arthritis is not, in the strictness sense of the word, a disease, but a manifestation of inflammation in the joint tissue.  It can be...

The WORD OF THE DAY: Amoebicidal

Posted on April 22 2015

The WORD OF THE DAY for all you Herbalist in Training is: Amoebicidal is defined as Destructive to amoebas. Amoebas are Any of various one-celled free-living or parasitic protozoans having...

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