Detox Power Pack

Detox Power Pack

Individual Products:
35 Billion Probiotic     Ultimate Detox         Maca Root

This synergistic combination is a full-body detox that focuses not only on the digestive tract, but on liver and other organs and balance body alkalinity to improve overall health and support a healthy immune system.

 35 Billion Probiotic80% or more of our immune system is based on the bacterial mass in our digestive tract. Why take a 35 Billion Probiotic vs. yogurt or Activ. Yogurt? Let's do the math: 1 Bottle of Remedy’s 35 Billion Probiotic equals 870 bottles of our competitors. Let’s do the math: You will spend this amount for a Probiotic with CVS, Walgreens, or GNC $4,920.14. For the same potency at Remedy’s Nutrition you pay $28.99. For a savings of $4,894.99. That's a lot of pills or yogurt. To get the same Activ Yogurt you would need to consume approximately 46,666,666+- cups of yogurt at 1.30 a serving and pay $60,666,665+-.

 Ultimate Detox. This caps are a true total body detox. It is only taken once daily, usually before bed. It is so effective that the majority of persons start to feel a difference by the second or third day. The best thing about our detox is that it requires no special diets, avoidance of foods or consumption of anything special.  In addition, you do not need to be close to a restroom or to undergo discomfort.  The gentle ingredients in Remedy's Detox support liver detoxification; however, by the third day or so you will notice your stools are larger, but pass comfortably. The unique blend of ingredients promote bowel emptying without diarrhea, loose stools or cramps. An added benefit are the relaxing herbs, which promote a better night's sleep. Remedy's Detox supports the body's systems of elimination, a better night's sleep and weight loss benefits; it's easy to understand why it's our number one seller!

 Maca Root. This has a high nutritional value and is specially rich in the minerals calcium,  and potassium. It contains 19 amino acids and fatty acids including palmitic, oleic and linoleic acids. It also contains zinc, iron, copper, iodine and manganese and selenium among its constituents. One of its chemical constituents is p-methoxybenzyl isothiocyanate, which has been credited to be responsible for maca’s aphrodisiac reputation. Maca has also been found to be beneficial for hot flashes in menopause, and may support hormonal and reproductive health.

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