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Probiotic 35 Billion Enteric Coated

$ 28.99


Remedy's Nutrition


80% or more of our immune system is based on the bacterial mass in our digestive tract. 
Why take a 35 Billion Probiotic vs. yogurt or Activ. Yogurt?  Lets do the math: 
1 Bottle of Remedy’s 35 Billion Probiotic
Equals 870 bottles of our competitors.
Let’s do the math:
You will spend this amount for a Probiotic with
CVS, Walgreens, or GNC
For the same Potency
At Remedy’s Nutrition you pay
For a savings of
 That's a lot of pills or yogurt.  To get the same Activ-- yogurt you would need to consume approximately
46,666,666+- cups of yogurt at 1.30 a serving and pay $60,666,665+-.


Proprietary probiotic blend (35 billion cells per cap)
Lactobacilli acidophilus = La-14
Bifidobacterium lactis = Bl-04
Lactobacilli salivarius = Ls-33
Lactobacilli plantarum = Lp-115
Bifidobacterium bifidum = Bb-02
Bifidobacterium longum = Bl-05
Lactobacilli rhamnosus = Lr-32
Lactobacilli bulgarious = Lb-64
Prebiotic blend (FOS, FiberAid arabinogalactans) 50 mg


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