A Simple Way to Relieve Stress

A Simple Way to Relieve Stress

Stressed?  Calm Surfer™ could be the answer! 

We have found that this is a supplement that really works for that stressful time in life. We use only the highest quality ingredients and proper dosage. As the owner of Remedy's Nutrition, I personally take this supplement for the past 4 years and it has been wonderful.

What is Calm Surfer?

A true trifecta is defined as a perfect group of three, or as three 'wins'. Remedy's calming trifecta is Kava-Kava, Ashwagandha, and Valerian. These settle the mind, muscles, and nerves.  The mind becomes calmer, the anti-spasmodic effect of Valerian relaxes the muscles and Kava-Kava (used for hundreds of years in the South Pacific as the West uses wine to relax) takes the edge off daily stress without inducing addiction.

What is the difference between sedatives and CALM SURFER™?

This Organic, no filler, and not extract product does not contain extracts that have been washed with liver-toxic chemicals.  Also, the kava is taken exclusively from the root and not stems and leaves which are toxic.  Calm Surfer™ does not give you that glazed over look and the feeling of being drugs.  Give it a try!

Few natural supplements for anxiety work as well as 'Calm Surfer' to support balanced levels of 'stress' hormones, mental tranquility and muscle relaxation. We always recommend when taking Valerian or Kava-Kava that you do not operate heavy machinery and that you excercise caution when operating any motor vehicle.  The use of alcohol with Kava-Kava will intensify the sedative effect. Do not use this product to replace a prescription without  speaking to your practitioner first.  This product contains Kava-Kava Root.

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