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It's super simple and you could win $250 of your favorite Remedy's products! Each product Video Review you submit is another Entry to Win!

Official Rules:
  1. You must be at least 18 years of age and live in the USA or Canada
  2. You must record or upload your video using our official Video Review system
  3. You must show the product and yourself in the Video Review
  4. You must include the following details in the Video Review
    • Your name and the city, state where you live
    • The product name (One product per video)
    • Your thoughts about the product; do you love it, has it helped you, how does it compare with other products you've tried, etc...
    • Would you recommend it to others?
  5. Your Video Review should be less than a minute, but don't stress it's over 60 seconds
  6. No bad language or graphic material. G Rating Please
  7. By submitting a Video Review, you agree that Remedy's Nutrition is the owner of the video and that we may use it in advertising
  8. Each Video Review for a different product is a new entry in this Giveaway
  9. Have fun and be creative. You're a movie star now ;)
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