What is a Tincture?

What is a Tincture?

Supplements come in many forms. One of them is tincture. What is a Tincture? Watch the following video to know the answer..


Also, check out the different tinctures available in our website. The following are just some of them:

  • Sweet Calm Tincture. This is one of our very best supplements, and from us this is saying something.  This supplement can produce a calmative affect even under the most stressful situations.  A low dosage seems to work very well since we use only the purest of ingredients.
  • Remedy's Rescue Tincture. This extract of our Serene-Tea got me through college. You will find the combination of herbs and flowers are incredible. This tincture is patiently nurtured for 3-5 weeks until it reached the peak of perfection and is a 1:1 tincture. Remedy's Rescue has calmed the nerves of the most frightened canine, the most panic stricken student and everyone else in between. This Tincture is the result of a year of research. If you like Rescue Remedy you will love REMEDY'S RESCUE. 

  • Ashwagandha Tincture. Ashwagandha has been classified as an "adaptogenic"; because it supports so many different body functions, it is said to 'adapt' to the needs of the body. It is believed to support the adrenal gland as it relates to the production of stress hormones such as cortisol and aldosterone. Ashwagandha increases energy production within the mitochondria and the production of ATP. Ashwagandha has been described as a 'nervine' tonic, meaning that it supports the healthy function of the central nervous system. It also contains the compounds Withaferin-A Sitoindosides and acylsterylglucosides which support body functions when the body is exposed to stress. For athletes, this may result in increased endurance. 

  • Ashwagandha Kava Valerian (Calm Surfer) TinctureThis supplement for anxiety has quickly became one of our very best sellers. It is a natural supplement for relief of temporary anxiety in a tincture form. Tinctures are concentrated extracts. They are portable and can be easier to use than making a tea, and are generally more potent than capsules. This tincture can be taken directly by mouth or can be diluted into water, juice or other liquids or foods. Remedy's tinctures come in 2 ounce sizes so they are flight-friendly and can travel in your carry-ons. Our Ashwagandha Kava-Kava and Valerian tincture is especially suited for those who are nervous travelers. Few natural supplements for anxiety work as well as this humble tincture to support balanced levels of 'stress' hormones, mental tranquility and muscle relaxation. We always recommend when taking Valerian or Kava-Kava that you do not operate heavy machinery and that you excercise caution when operating any motor vehicle. The use of alcohol with Kava-Kava will intensify the sedative effect. Do not use this product to replace a prescription without  speaking to your practitioner first. This product contains Kava-Kava Root. 


Check out all the tinctures available in our website!

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