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Serene Tea

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Remedy's Nutrition


Perfect for every day, every season. Even before you sip it, the relaxing aromas of jasmine, chamomile and lavender start to calm the senses. Then, a treat for eyes unfolds as the white jasmine and yellow chamomile blossoms swell and open, in contrast to the swirling bright green leaves and purple lavender flowers. As it steeps, the tea turns a soothing amaranth yellow color. If you are looking for a tea to showcase in a clear teapot or cups or to start a ‘tea ceremony’ of your own with friends and family, Seren-E-Tea is the best choice. A favorite customer takes plenty to family reunions to ensure everyone is in a happy mood.
Some find it in the mountains, others by the sea. Wherever you find it, serenity is a prize for every day, every season. Most ‘calming’ teas relax you at the cost of making you feel like you’re going in slow motion. With its unique properties and blend, Seren-e-Tea relaxes while uplifting and energizing you to meet the challenges of the day.

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