Chamomile Tea

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Chamomile Tea

Learn all about "Chamomile Tea"

Chamomile Tea is a healthy beverage loaded with compounds that may have positive effects on your health.

Chamomile Tea has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It may aid sleep, digestion, promote healthy blood sugar levels, reduce menstrual cramps, and help you deal with cold symptoms.

Historically, ancient societies used Chamomile tea for its taste and health benefits for thousands of years.

Used in combination with other products, Chamomile can enhance your quality of life and overall health. You can also use Chamomile to enhance the flavor of various foods and beverages.

Chamomile Tea may assist with:

  • Calmer Mood
  • Sleep cycle Support
  • Digestive Health
  • Blood Sugar
  • Blood Pressure
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory
Chamomile Tea

Studies and Trials for Chamomile Tea

"Therapeutic efficacy and safety of chamomile for state anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, insomnia, and sleep quality: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized trials and quasi-randomized trials."

This systematic review and meta-analysis aimed to study the efficacy and safety of Chamomile for the treatment of state anxiety, generalized anxiety disorders (GADs), sleep quality, and insomnia in humans.

Eleven databases were searched to retrieve relevant randomized control trials (RCTs), and 12 RCTs were included

The meta-analysis showed a significant improvement in sleep quality after chamomile administration. Chamomile appears to be efficacious and safe for sleep quality and GAD. Little evidence is there to show its effect on anxiety and insomnia. Larger RCTs are needed to ascertain these findings.

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Remedy's Nutrition® Chamomile Tea is better. Here's why:

  • 100% pure and high-quality "Chamomile Tea" herbal supplement
  • Free of fillers, additives, and preservatives
  • No gluten, yeast, corn, or dairy
  • Non-GMO
  • Handmade in Key Largo
  • Pharmacists reviewed and approved
  • Quality and potency are guaranteed

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Chamomile Tea

Dosage - How much "Chamomile Tea" should I take?

(1) One tea Bag into one cup of hot water, steep for (2-3) two to three minutes & enjoy.

Feel free to contact us for a recommendation on how to take this supplement.



Potential Side Effects

Vomiting and allergic reactions such as watery eyes, or trouble breathing, are possible if you have a history of allergies to certain herbs.

Drug interactions

Remedy's Nutrition® Chamomile Tea may interact with certain medications. Consult your physician for potential drug interactions before drinking Chamomile tea.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding

Not enough is known about the use of Chamomile Tea during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Consult your physician before drinking.


Consult your physician if you are scheduled for a surgery.

Other Cautions

Keep out of reach of children.

Immediately discontinue use if you experience any adverse reaction.

Always consult with a healthcare practitioner before taking any new supplement.

Often Taken With

"Chamomile Tea" is often taken with these:

Q & A

Q & A about "Chamomile Tea"

The Chamomile flower contains compounds that work on specific receptors in our brains to help induce feelings of calm and relaxation.
Although anti-cancer benefits have been reported when taking chamomile tea, we do not make any medical claims to promote chamomile tea to cure cancer.
Some report that they take Chamomile tea up to four times a day. We promote all things in moderation and speak with your healthcare provider before increasing your daily dosage of tea consumption.
No, You do not have to worry about caffeine when drinking Chamomile tea.
Studies have not shown few if any side effects when it comes to giving chamomile tea to children. In fact, Chamomile can help kids wind down after a long day and with the occasional stomach ache.
Remedy's Nutrition® Chamomile Tea is a 100% pure and high-quality herb. It's pharmacist reviewed and approved and free of fillers, additives, and preservatives. Quality and potency are guaranteed!