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Candida Clearer™(Check Supplement Facts Box for a List of Organic Ingredients)

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Remedy's Nutrition


Remedy's Candida Clearer™ contains herbs documented to support the body's immune system and its ability to resist Candida.   Black Walnut Hulls, Pau D' Arco, and Oregano have been well researched for its effects on the immune system with bacterial and viral infections.   Black Walnut is high in iodine (1).   Pau D'Arco, Oregano and other anti-fungal herbs that support the body's immune system and discourage Candida overgrowth.  Natural probiotics in our intestines (intestinal flora) keep Candida at a level where it can be useful as opposed to harmful.  Remedy's Candida Clearer™ helps support good intestinal flora levels, especially when paired with our 35 Billion Pro-Biotic with guaranteed potency.

Candida albicans is hated and dreaded by many.  However, it is actually a yeast that occurs naturally and lives in our intestinal tract as part of normal intestinal flora.  At desirable levels, it provides assistance to the body.   However, when the natural 'pro-biotics' in our gut die off due to antibiotic medications or other reasons, Candida grows to undesirable levels.  In babies, Candida is known as thrush.  It can present symptoms as varied as vaginal overgrowth or oral infection.  

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