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  • Meta-Morph Top Secret #2™
Meta-Morph Top Secret #2™
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Meta-Morph Top Secret #2™

$ 21.99


We respect the intelligence of our clients.  That is why we explain how our products work, unlike most manufacturers of 'diet pills'.  One example is the current push to sell 'Xantrex' at GNC, Walgreens and other 'pharmacies'.  We studied the ingredients in Xantrex and found a mysterious one called Trimethylxanthine.  After researching, we discovered this mystery ingredient is simple caffeine.  A study by the National Institutes of Health titled 'Caffeine (1-, 3-, 7-Trimethylxanthine)' advises: 'the potential negative effects of excessive caffeine intake should also be considered, particularly in children and pregnant women.'  We examined the other ingredients for Xantrex and found that although the formula contained ingredients such as Maca and Rhodiola (both adaptogens), the formula contained additional caffeine and stimulant herbs.

Although caffeine may have some positive effects for weight loss, Adrenal fatigue can be the sad result of consuming high-caffeine and stimulant products and drinks.  Adrenal fatigue in turn can cause the body, among other things, to slow down metabolism and create weight issues.

Ready to know how Remedy's Top Secret works?  We use only natural herbal products such as Garcinia, proven in clinical studies to promote weight loss (see our Garcinia section for detailed information).  We also feature White Kidney Bean (a carbohydrate blocker), Green Coffee Bean Extract, (appetite and metabolism), Kelp (thyroid and metabolism support) and Gymnema (See the Gymnema section for the amazing things this herb does for weight loss, including supporting leptin levels).

Join the many clients who are using our 'Top Secret' formula to support their successful weight management!

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