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L-Taurine is an organic compound which is present in a wide distribution of human and animal tissue, and is popular in energy drinks today.   It is a major part of bile and is also present in the large intestine.  Taurine is essential for healthy heart function, development of skeletal muscle, the central nervours system and the retina of the eyes.  Natural sources of Taurine include meat and fish.

Taurine is often called an amino acid. Taurine is an acid and contains an amino group, but it it is not an amino acid in the strict biochemical meaning of the word.  The term amino acid is limited to compounds that contain both an amino and a carboxyl group.  Unlike most other naturally occurring acids, Taurine is unusual in that it is a sulfonic acid rather than being part of the weakly acidic carboxyl group. It is more properly called an amino sulphonic acid. 

Taurine has been found beneficial for supporting cardiovascular function, especially with regard to women with high cholesterol.  For additional information and clinical studies on Taurine and heart disease, please visit our informational public service website at

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