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  • Hurricane Blow™ - Remedy's Nutrition
Hurricane Blow™ - Remedy's Nutrition
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Hurricane Blow™

$ 16.49

In the islands, we evacuate when a level 5 storm threatens. Hurricane Blow will encourage unwanted debris to evacuate you! The Senna and Cascara are good colon evacuators, at work here with their laxative effects. Keeping the evacuation at a safe pace are carminative herbs (that soothe and calm the colon) like Cinnamon. Marshmallow is the demulcent keeping everything smooth, and a host of other players are present to support those who like to use this blend as a diet aid. You may find that the ingredients remind you of a diet tea called “laci” or one called 'leBeau', but there is no comparison. Let this blend blow you away!  Caution:  Only take as directed while well hydrated.



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