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Activated Charcoal - Digestion | Food Poisoning

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Activated Charcoal


Activated Charcoal is a natural substance made made from wood, coal, wood and other natural substances. The wood or substance is treated at a high temperature; an activation agent and additional gas treatment complete the process, which is non-toxic for humans and animals. Although Activated Charcoal has long been used as an effective antidote to many types of poisoning, Activated Charcoal should not be used to treat strong acid poisoning. Activated Charcoal is useful in absorbing drugs in the system and alcohol. However, in cases of illness always check with your healthcare professional.


Food Poisoning - Activated Charcoal

Charcoal can be useful to prevent or reduce gas (flatulence), support good cholesterol levels, to lessen the dreaded effects of 'hangovers' by helping to assimilate alcohol, and to provide support  for pregnant suffering from Cholestasis (a deficiency of bile during pregnancy). Activated Charcoal, along with a healthy diet, can provide support for those who need help to lower their blood lipid (fat) concentrations in cases of diabetes and uremia. Stool (bowel movements) can appear black when taking Activated Charcoal.


Activated Charcoal and Family

It is helpful to add Activated Charcoal to your family's medicine cabinet at home and to take along for travel and camping to address mild food poisoning and upset stomach.  


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