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Chanca Piedra (Check Supplement Facts Box for a List of Organic Ingredients)

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Chanca Piedra (Phyllanthus niruri)


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Anyone who has suffered from a kidney stone (or has seen a loved one do so) is intrigued by the name of this herb, which translates to 'stone-breaker'. Some sufferers have been forced to look for an herbal alternative when conventional treatment products such as ultrasound were not an option for them. Many who have used Chanca Piedra have found relief in a relatively short time, often one to two days.  There is clinical evidence that a combination of chanca piedra and black seed may help to be effective in relieving the pain of sore throat and swollen tonsils*. 

In traditional cultures, it has also been used to support digestion and address distension and gas, loss of appetite, constipation and other digestive issues, infections, inflammation, pain, gallbladder stones and discharge from the urethra.   

Mechanism of Action (How it Works)

The chemicals in Chanca Piedra are believed to relieve spasms, reduce urinary calcium,  increase urine production (diuretic)  and to act against bacteria and viruses. 


Pregnancy and breast-feeding: As with all herbs, Chanca piedra is NOT recommended in pregnancy.  In large doses,  Chanca piedra may block pregnancy and result in low birth weight or birth defects.   

Bleeding Issues: There is a possibility that Chanca piedra can slow blood clotting, resulting in bleeding in those with bleeding disorders.  Consult with your doctor if you use prescription blood thinners. 

Surgery: Because it may lower blood sugar levels, there is a concern that Chanca piedra  can affect blood sugar control during surgery and post-surgery.  Chanca piedra may also increase the risk of bleeding (see preceding). Discontinue use at least two weeks prior to surgery.  

Diabetes: Chanca piedra can help lower blood sugar. Monitor your blood sugar carefully if you have diabetes and use this herb.

Remedy's Organic Chanca Piedra is formulated without any fillers or additives and is featured in our Go Stone formula. Please see our other organic Chanca Piedra "Stone Breaker" products.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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