HURRICANE Health Recovery

HURRICANE Health Recovery

The storm has passed and we have picked ourselves up and dusted ourselves off and have been thankful that we have come out of it better than many in other places. But, after a month of cutting trees, tossing trash and digging our homes and businesses out of the mess, we are starting to drag…whether fatigue or catching cold, the storm is starting to catch up to us. Remedy’s Recommends the following quick ‘tune-ups’ for your health:

1) Water, water everywhere…and we can drink it now! You lose 64 ounces (1/2 gallon) each day…add the heat, humidity and hard work, probably more. Dehydration causes fatigue and a feeling of not being quite right. Water is number one on everyone’s billboard right now!

2) Remedy’s VMT is the only capsule multi-vitamin on the market with a full B-100 complex included – you get two products for the price of one. Why are the B vitamins important?

They feed our nervous system (which has been stressed enough lately) and provide healthy energy without the jitters.

3) Remedy’s Multi Min Complex: the only multi mineral on the market in a capsule form with a 2 capsule dose that delivering 1,000 mg of Calcium, 500 mg2of Magnesium, 25 mg of Zinc and array of other electrolytes. These help you sleep well and soothe your nerves as well as provide relief from the cramps caused by depletion of electrolytes, a common consequence of sweating and dehydration.

4) Most of us have not eaten ‘clean’ for the last few weeks as a result of the storm. If you’re feeling bloated or not quite clean inside, Remedy’s Detox Tea or capsules will gently provide a full-system detox that includes the colon, but without cramps or urgency.

If you feel like you are catching cold, it is part of the ‘season’; however, it is now worse because of all the changes in the environment. The above suggestions will help energize you and your immune system. If you’ve already caught cold, remember your oregano oil!

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