Tissue Mineral Analysis and Initial Consultation

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Hair Mineral Analysis with Interpretation and Health Coaching

We do not Earn Commissions, so our first customer is you!

Have your Hair analysis performed by an Expert in Health & Wellness 

Anyone can sell you a hair analysis kit from a reputable laboratory; frankly, you can buy one yourself.  However, the results do require training and experience to interpret. 

For example, most of us would assume a high calcium score might indicate strong bones and teeth and is a good thing.  However, when you understand that the calcium was found in your hair, this means that your body is excreting it.   Sadly, few ‘providers’ can interpret these results accurately, and even fewer can provide a customized supplementation program and nutritional recommendations (if you need them) to address your health journey. 

Is it a drug test?

The form of hair analysis that we provide does not look for drugs or medications - it is limited to reporting the minerals and toxic metals found in your body.

How long has it been around?

Hair analysis is not new—it came into general use in the 1970’s.  

Why Remedy's Nutrition and not someone else?

Remedy's has been in business since 1972.  We have performed hair analysis interpretation since the early 1990's.  We are also the oldest health food and supplement business in continuous operation in the State of Florida.  We manufacture our own supplements, and market them on our own website and on Amazon.  

In brief, we are well-known and trusted.  Our motto is 'Remedy's Means Results".  The only way that we can keep our hair analysis customers for decades is their satisfaction with our services.  

Although there are a number of hair analysis coaches in our general area, we were the ones selected by a modern-day archeologist to process hair tests for a couple who died in the 1700s.  We were chosen because Remedy’s Nutrition has interpreted hair analysis results for more than 30 years, a record few can claim.

Is it ongoing, or just a one time thing?

We let you choose the level of support you want.  Whether you just want a one- page summation of your results, or ongoing one-on-one support, explanations and coaching…the choice is yours.

Hair Analysis - Why?

Always bear in mind that a medical emergency requires emergency care, which usually involves blood work and a visit to a hospital or doctor.  But when health issues are medically managed, or a doctor has been consulted, hair analysis is a unique way in which to further investigate whether the body is in homeostasis or not.   At Remedy's, we believe that hair analysis can be a very efficient addition to medical diagnosing and treatment.  

What can we see on a hair analysis?  Not just mineral imbalances and toxic metals, but the trends that the mineral imbalances point to. 

How is it done? 

We do not pull hairs out of your scalp…a small sample is snipped from the nape of the neck (for our local customers, we can take the sample in person).  Yes, we are a real place with real people!  Otherwise, we will teach you how to cut the hair yourself. 

What if you are bald?  The laboratory can use hair from other parts of your body!  When the results return from the lab, we study them and call you to set up an appointment to discuss the results.  This can be in-person if you wish to visit the lovely Florida Keys, or via zoom or telephone.  If you wish, we will also provide individualized dietary recommendations and/or supplementation recommendations.

Why Use a Tissue Mineral Analysis?

Today there are many metabolic and nutritional tests. Many people ask, why use tissue mineral analysis? Let us review some compelling reasons for the use of the tissue mineral test.

Why Test For Minerals?

  1. Minerals play an integral role in the body's many intra and extra cellular functions. Their presence is essential for all enzyme, hormone, protein and other biochemical activities.

Other roles of minerals are as catalysts, facilitators or inhibitors of thousands of critical enzymes that control most body functions. Minerals also form the basis for the osmotic balance in the body and for acid-base regulation.

  1. The status of the minerals can quickly provide information about the endocrine, digestive, cardiovascular and other body systems. Mineral deficiencies are known to be associated with dysfunctions of critical body systems.

Some examples: magnesium is critical for the cardiovascular system. Zinc is critical for the immune system. Manganese, chromium and zinc are critical for blood sugar regulation.

  1. Mineral deficiencies are among the most common and serious nutritional deficiencies in our population. Depleted soils yield food that is low in minerals. Refining and processing of many foods further reduces their mineral content. Physical and emotional stress, aging, pregnancy and the use of prescribed drugs increase the body's needs for certain minerals. These factors together add up to major mineral deficiencies in much of the population.

In addition, some children today are born deficient in essential minerals and/or with elevated levels of toxic metals due to imbalances in their parents.  After pursuing medical testing and diagnosing, Hair Analysis can reveal possible imbalances and guide their correction.

  1. Minerals are relatively easy and inexpensive to measure accurately and reliably, in comparison to measuring vitamins, hormones and other factors in the body .
  2. Toxic metals are known to affect many body systems and organ function. One example is lead in the long bones of the body (legs), and images of the lead in these bones can be searched for online.  Tissue mineral analysis would be very valuable if it were used alone to detect heavy metal poisoning. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, in a report of 400 studies completed in August 1979, heavy metal toxicity is the second most prevalent environmental problem in America.

However, hair testing can do much more than detect heavy metals. It can often reveal causes for their accumulation and provide a guide for designing a metabolic program to remove the toxic metals.

For example, cadmium and copper accumulation are often related to a zinc deficiency. Accumulation of copper and other toxic metals at times may be the result of adrenal exhaustion. By understanding these causes, regaining the body's healthy balance can be faster and more effective.

  1. As a biopsy material, hair sampling simple and non-invasive. It requires no special handling or preserving measures.
  2. The body often stores toxic metals in the hair and thus prevents vital minerals from being lost through the hair. The body acts to keep the blood mineral levels normal at the expense of the tissues, as blood is essential to life and has a more immediate impact.  

For example, if there is a deficiency of calcium in the body, calcium will be pulled from the bones and other tissues; thus, the calcium level remains more normal in the blood. The tissues are essentially robbed of minerals to protect the blood levels.

For this reason, deficiencies can be seen faster in hair than in blood. Deficiencies in the hair may offer an "early warning system" for resulting deficiencies in the body. Also, toxic metals are often revealed in the hair before they appear in the blood, unless special blood work is ordered targeting those metals. 

  1. Hair provides a record of recent but longer term metabolic activity. Unlike blood or urine, it is a long-range record, not a record of the exact moment of the test. Depending on the rate of individual hair growth, it can reflect three months of more or hair growth and thus a wider picture of the deficiencies.  

In a health emergency, it is critical to know the instantaneous biochemical state of the body. Blood and urine tests excel at this. However, as these findings constantly change, they may not immediately reveal underlying chronic patterns that lead to disease.

  1. Mineral analysis can help medical professionals detect patterns of disease in the body due to nutritional deficiencies, lack of digestion, and exposure to undesirable metals.   Hair analysis provides a long-term record and is an excellent  tool. 

Even a cold will usually not occur unless the terrain or condition of the body provides an opportunity for it to overcome our immune systems. 

Why is Hair Testing not Used More Often?

Hair analysis, as mentioned before, is not a cookie-cooker test where a simple glance at a graph tells the story.   The real story is told by the ratios between minerals and the presence of toxic metals.   A mineral level may be due to an excess or deficiency in the body, an elimination of the mineral through the hair, a compensation for another mineral level, a displacement of a mineral by another mineral, an environmental factor, or even an emotional factor where continued stress then affects the physical body.

Most mineral analysis laboratories offer little to no help with the complex interpretation of these tests, as they assume experienced practitioners will be explaining the results.