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Menopause AM Tea

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Women have managed their menopause symptoms for millennia through the use of herbs.  In modern times, research is unveiling how these herbs work and identifying the beneficial chemicals that they contain and how they interact.  Our Meno-Pause AM and PM teas and capsules are extremely popular with women who suffered from hot-flashes and sleep issues due to menopause.  Our formulas feature Black Cohosh, Lavender, Red Raspberry, Dong Quai and other traditional medicinals for menopausal support.

The clinical study 'Botanical and Dietary Supplements for Menopausal Symptoms: What Works, What Doesn’t' provides clinical observations regarding the efficacy of herbs used for menopausal symptoms:

'The evidence to date suggests that black cohosh is safe and effective for reducing menopausal symptoms, primarily hot flashes and possibly mood disorders.Recent data from the University of Illinois at Chicago/National Institute of Health Center for Botanicals Dietary Supplements Research in Women’s Health demonstrates that black cohosh does not have an estrogenic mechanism of action but rather acts on serotonin receptors and may relieve hot flashes and improve mood through a serotonergic effect.'

'Studies of Other Botanicals' ( observes regarding Dong Quai that 'Hot flash incidence decreased in dong quai group, compared to placebo,...Overall, dong quai is one of the most commonly prescribed Chinese herbs for problems unique to women and has been traditionally known as “a female tonic.” Traditional systems of medicine and folk medicine have used dong quai for a variety of complaints including abnormal menstruation and menopausal symptoms.104 Merck introduced the herb to the Western world in 1899 under the trade name Eumenol®, as a product that was said to positively affect menstrual disorders.'

The study noted for vitex that '33% reported major improvement in troublesome symptoms, most often emotional problems and hot flashes.'  The base study continues: 'Chastetree/Vitex is often recommended for women in early menopause experiencing irregular menstrual cycles and has been approved by German health authorities for PMS, breast tenderness, and irregularities in the menstrual cycle.105 The progesterone like effect of Vitex has been verified by endometrial biopsy, analysis of blood hormone levels, and examination of vaginal secretions.106 Chastree/Vitex is often found in combination with black cohosh and other herbs.'

Our Meno-Pause PM teas and caps include additional herbs to help promote refreshing sleep, often affected by menopausal symptoms.



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