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  • L-Lysine HCL
L-Lysine HCL
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L-Lysine HCL

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Many have heard of Lysine as a treatment for herpes cold sores.  Lysine (L-Lysine) is a 'proteinogenic' amino acid.  This means that it is a building block of protein. It is one of the nine essential amino acids.  WebMd states: 'Research suggests that lysine seems to reduce cold sores when taken by mouth and also when applied as a cream to the skin'.

The term 'essential' refers to the fact that the body cannot manufacture lysine, but must take it in from food or supplements.   Foods like meats, pork, chicken, fish (especially sardines and cod), eggs, dairy (especially Parmesan cheese), nuts and beans (especially soybeans and tofu), Brewer's yeast and other protein-rich foods are good sources of lysine. Nuts are a particularly good source of lysine for herpes sufferers, as lysine balances the effect of arginine.  Lysine can be taken in supplement form.  Remedy's Lysine is the more desirable L- form, as L-form aminos are natural to the body, unlike the D- or DL-forms.  

Lysine is also needed by the body to make carnitine. Carnitine in turn helps convert fatty acids into energy,  improves absorption of calcium, and supports production of collagen, which improves bone building and connective tissue like tendons and skin.     

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