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Essiak Tea (Check Supplement Facts Box for a List of Organic Ingredients)

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Can an organic herbal supplement provide you a complementary or alterative option to manage cancer?   Some of the more popular searches by the public on the internet are for "Essiac Tea" and "Essiac Tea Cancer".   Many know that non-prescription supplements cannot make claims to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease, and Remedy's organic Essiak Tea and capsules make no unlawful health claims.   We can suggest that you review the clinical study on Essiac at   This study that the tea can 'in some cases, impacts cancer progression' (see more information below).   We provide you the best ingredients in an organic, conscientiously-crafted formula.  However, the credit has to go to the Ojibwa Indian Tribe and to Rene Cassie, the nurse who credited the tribe with providing her the information.  Always consult a healthcare professional if you suspect you may have cancer.   If you are receiving treatment for cancer, please consult your healthcare professional for clearance to use this product as a complementary treatment to your conventional therapy.

The original 'essiac' formula is credited to a nurse, Rene Cassie (Essiac is Cassie spelled backwards).  She in turn credited the Ojibwa Indians for the information.  The formula has been in use for many decades. 

With reference to the formula, Life Extension® states: 'a combination of herbs used in traditional native American medicine to help boost the body's ability to combat malignant growths...contains burdock root, sheep sorrel, Indian rhubarb root and slippery elm inner bark.  Burdock root is traditionally used to help maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract and support a healthy immune response.'

Remedy's Essiak formula includes the four herbs named above.  However, Rene Cassie herself added four more herbs to the formula after lengthy tests on the original four ingredients.  Remedy's Essiak formulation includes these four additional herb. We believe, as did Rene Cassie, that the additional herbs amplify the potency of the formula and improve its efficacy.

The clinical study 'The chemistry and biological activity of herbs used in Flor-Essence herbal tonic and Essiac' (Tamayo C, Richardson MA, Diamond S, et al. Phytotherapy Research 2000;14:1-14) states: 'Evidence of anticancer activity for the herbal teas is limited to anecdotal reports recorded for some 40 years in Canada. Individual case reports suggest that the tea improves quality of life, alleviates pain, and in some cases, impacts cancer progression among cancer patients (italics ours). Experimental studies with individual herbs have shown evidence of biological activity including antioxidant, antioestrogenic, immunostimulant, antitumour, and antiocholeretic actions. However, research that demonstrates these positive effects in the experimental setting has not been translated to the clinical arena. Currently, no clinical studies of Essiac or Flor-essence are published, but a clinical study is being planned at the British Columbia Cancer Agency by the University of Texas-Center for Alternative Medicine (UT-CAM) and Tzu-Chi Institute for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.'

The herbal tea is prepared in boiling water as a decoction to be consumed twice daily.  See the instructions for preparation, as the formula requires a different method than most teas. 

Remedy's Essiak Herbal Formula is priced to those with chronic conditions to afford its use.  Please compare our pricing to similar teas, powders and fluids (such as Flora's) and you will conclude that our product is conscientiously priced.

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