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Easy Blow Tea (Check Supplement Facts Box for a List of Organic Ingredients)

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Can an organic vitamin or organic supplement provide fast relief for your constipation that is better for you than constipation medications?   Most herbal supplements for constipation include Senna and Cascara Sagrada.   Remedy's Easy Blow does contain these two herbs, but balances them with herbs like Anise and Fennel seed that keep you from bloating and getting 'gassy'.   The Papaya and Ginger help you digest your food better which results in smoother and more frequent bowel movements, and Slippery Elm soothes and coats the lining of the intestine.   Other herbal supplement constipation formulas may give you loose stools and diarrhea, but the Peppermint and Turkish Rhubarb in ours keeps everything 'together' so you don't have to be near a bathroom when you use Remedy's organic Easy Blow supplement for fast and safe relief from constipation. For more information, see the clinical studies that follow.    If you need to add a healthy fiber to your colon regimen, consider Remedy's Organic Colon Cleanse in regular and chocolate flavor.   Major drugstore brands contains cellulose and artificial colors and additives.    Remedy's Easy Blow contains only all-natural ingredients!

In the islands, an 'easy blow' doesn’t scare us. We bring the patio furniture and the pets in and wait for the storm to pass! You won’t have to worry about securing the pets and patio furniture with our gentle laxative that encourages your body to send unnecessary weight on its way.  Instead of harsh laxatives, this blend features Turkish Rhubarb. Don’t let its gentle nature fool you—Rhubarb ‘speaks’ softly but does its cleaning work thoroughly, assisted by its bigger brother, Senna.   Anise, Ginger and Fennel have been added for their warming properties to ensure that the laxative agents in the tea mind their manners. Papaya, a proteolytic enzyme, aids better elimination, and Slippery Elm’s demulcent, gentle qualities soothe the colon lining. With Easy Blow, your colon will feel like a cleansing breeze blew its way.

The clinical study 'A crossover study of prophylactic treatment of chemotherapy-induced constipation by senna extract' observes: 'Senna extract 40 mg/kg was effective and safe in treating chemotherapy-induced constipation.' ( 

The clinical study 'In Vitro Screening for the Tumoricidal Properties of International Medicinal Herbs' observes 'Turkey rhubarb, (Rheum palmate)...has extensive historical use in a wide range of applications such as treatment of constipation, high cholesterol and renal failure. Rhubarb contains a number of anticancer hydroxyanthraquinones and anthraquinone glycosides which exert antiproliferative/anticancer effects, and whole extract shows mild antimutagenic properties (Edenharder et al., 1990).' (

As these studies show, the properties of Senna and Turkey (Turkish) Rhubarb are not limited to laxative benefits alone. 

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