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Can an herb supplement help you to sleep better and wake up refreshed?  There are many natural and chemical sleep support options offered to the public today for a temporary inability to sleep.   Some put you to sleep, but not for long.   Others promote sleep but leave you unable to kick-start your day.   There are even some that give you nightmares!  

“To sleep, perhaps to dream…sleep, that knits up the raveled sleeve of care…”.  In other words, Shakespeare was reminding us that when we sleep,  we mend: physically and mentally.  However, the stresses of the day and worries about tomorrow rob many of us of the restorative benefits of good, deep sleep.  "Sleepy" teas on the market seem to be strong enough for kids, but not adults.   What makes Remedy's Deeper Sleep™ Tea, Caps, and Tincture the natural and better choice? Although there are many 'sleepy' teas on the market, Deep Sleep features not only Chamomile and Linden but makes the mix more potent with Passionflower, Damiana and Valerian,.

The inability to fall or stay asleep can be caused by many factors.   Our natural sleep aid addresses the different factors that keep you from sleeping.  Our sleep tea, caps, and tincture include Passionflower.  Passionflower gained popularity several years ago when Dr. Oz featured it for anxiety.  Among other things, Passionflower is a precursor or GABA, known by many as a 'feel-good' supplement.  Valerian also causes relaxation by increasing GABA, which 'quiets' other neurotransmitters in the brain.   An increase of GABA reduces mental and physical excitement and induces drowsiness and sleep. Ambien® has the same effect because it also works on GABA transmitters.  Ambien® was formulated to address the short-term temporary inability to sleep.  However,  in 2013 the FDA directed that doses of Ambien® be lowered to reduce the number of morning car accidents.

Damiana has so many benefits we recommend a review of our Damiana information to fully appreciate the benefits.   Skullcap has a sedating effect similar to Valerian.  A number of other herbs in our proprietary Remedy's™ herbal sleep formula (such as Linden and Chamomile) also provide sleep-inducing effects.  At Remedy's we also care enough to continually evaluate our formulas and make them current with ongoing medical research.   Now, “sleepy time” is only a cup away with Deeper Sleep Tea!  

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.