Calendula Infused Oil

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Calendula Infused Oil

Calendula is a fascinating plant.  Its very name links it to the 'calendar', as it has a long blooming season and is said to bloom every month of the calendar in some locales. Calendula is used to relieve inflammation and to promote healing of wounds.  It is used topically in the form of oils, ointments, salves, creams, and tinctures.

During the Civil War and World War I, Calendula was used to treat battle wounds and prevent infection.   Calendula's healing properties come from the triterpenoid esters contained in its petals.  Antioxidants such as the carotenoids flavoxanthin and auroxanthin are also responsible for the flower's orange-yellow color. The leaves and stems contain additional carotenoids such as beta-carotene, lutein (80%), and zeaxanthin (5%).  Because it contains compounds such as essential oils, saponins, and resins, Calendula is also a popular ingredient in many cosmetics.   

Remedy's Calendula Oil is tinctured in-house for the maximum distillation of the plant's beneficial chemicals into our carrier base, pure grapeseed oil.  

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