Cramp and Menstrual Tea

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Can a supplement help you through those times of the month or the roller-coaster of peri-menopause?  When you are suffering from menstrual pain and period cramps, life will not wait while you need to recover.   You may have been taught that these are 'normal' if the other women in your family also had them.   However, the majority of women suffer no pre-menstrual symptoms or cramps with their cycle!  Any symptom manifested by the body has a cause.   There are many 'remedies' and teas for cramps available.   Remedy's formula for period and menstrual pain relief features herbs used by women for hundreds of years.  

A number of supplements have been researched for supporting a normal and healthy menstrual cycle: Magnesium, B1 and B6, Vitamin E, Fish Oil, and Calcium.  These supplements complement our Cramp & Menstrual Support.