Arnica Oil 2 oz

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Arnica Oil

Remedy's Arnica Oil infusion is made from Arnica leaves and flowers.  Although salves and ointments are effective, the oil is more concentrated because it has not been diluted with the waxes that are necessary to turn the oil into a salve, ointment or cream.   

Arnica leaves and flowers have been used to treat discoloration, swelling and pain from bruises, and after surgery. The University of Maryland Medical Center observes that Arnica has been used in the form of salves, ointments, liniments and tinctures for wound support, and to soothe muscle aches and discomfort, as well as for injuries involving bruises and sprains.

Patients using blood thinners should speak with their healthcare practitioner before using Arnica.

Arnica Oil for Skin Care and Skin Health

The active ingredients responsible for Arnica's ability to relieve discomfort and dissolve bruises are, in part, sesquiterpene lactones. These reduce bodily reaction to injury or strain and inhibit certain genes responsible for activation of cyclooxygenase.

This true Arnica cream is amazing for bruises and discoloration and the discomfort resulting from injury or strain.   The cream leaves the skin smooth and silky. The Arnica oil used to produce our cream is tinctured in-house.  Remedy's Arnica Oil is made by infusing Arnica leaves and flowers into grapeseed oil for as long as it takes to create a strong tincture.  The concentrated infused oil is then made into salves and ointments by the addition of beeswax, or mixed with lotion.  If you have tried other Arnica creams and have been disappointed, our product is guaranteed by us.  It holds to our high standards at Remedy's Nutrition.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.