Urinary Tract Infections and Alternative Treatments

Urinary Tract Infections and Alternative Treatments

Perhaps the most brutal and uncomfortable of infections is when the “burning from within” starts and yes, you have a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). Suddenly panic sets in and the majority of people run to their doctor for a round of antibiotics. They receive temporary relief and suddenly three to six months later here comes another UTI, and then another, etc, you get the point. Sadly, most people do not realize that it is, in all probability, the same UTI reoccurring. While antibiotics have been the cornerstone of modern medicine and have save millions of lives, you would be hard pressed to find a doctor that would not admit that they are overused. Sadly, if they give you an antibiotic, they are practically suit proof.

Let’s adapt a preventative mentality when it comes to UTI and see how far we can go. There are obvious and simple measures that we must take like drinking sufficient water in our day to day lives. Do you drink 64 to 70 ounces of water daily? This constantly flushes the bladder and the urinary tract and does not all bacterium to take hold. When having your “morning constitutional” in the bathroom, always wipe away from the vaginal area to prevent e-coli. Perhaps one of the greatest suggestions that no one wants to talk about is before sex, make sure that everything, by all involved, is clean, clean, clean. These simple and practical steps can prevent the majority of UTI’s that are faced in our day.

What if the UTI come visiting? It should be taken seriously as to prevent a kidney infection. Follow these simple guidelines:

1. Drink plenty of water

2. Take a 50 Billion Probiotic that is designed for UTI infections

3. D-Mannose-Take 2,000 mg twice daily

4. Take a good Multi-Vitamin with a minimum of a B-100 as its foundation. (B-100 signifies that it contains 100 mg’s or 100 i.u.’s of all the B vitamins)

5. Take a product such as Immunity Factors to elevate the immune system.

6. Eat plenty of vegetables (80% of diet) and stay off the carbohydrates and sugars like rice, pasta, sweets, fruit, etc.

7. And finally get some rest, this cannot be over emphasized. Do all you can to boost your immune system by getting sleep and reducing stress.

If by 48-72 hours you still have the UTI infection, you may need to go see your practitioner to prevent a kidney infection. If you have weakness in your kidney, a substantially weak liver, have any auto-immune issues, or if you are elderly, you may want to see your practitioner even earlier in the process. Use good judgement! If you must ask these questions:

* Is the antibiotic designed for UTI infections?

* How long should I take the medication?

* What should I do to build my immune system?

* Are probiotics a good idea after I finish my program?

* Does my blood work show any immune or blood deficiencies that I should be aware of at this time?

* What do you think caused the infections?

Most good practitioners are more than willing to answer these questions. If they are not you may ponder over the need for one who will. Great health is like a simmering pot of water, our goal is to keep it from boiling.

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David ogor

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