Head Lice Problems?

Head Lice Problems?

Six to 12 million kids in the U.S. get head lice each year, estimates The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Lice are not only common, but also difficult to get rid of, and it’s becoming even more difficult.

Head lice is spread all year round but we tend to see a spike of cases during the summer months because children play with different than normal social groups. This leads to the exposure to head lice by a variety of sources.

The good news? Remedy's makes lice removal easy. Instead of buying six or seven different essential oils, Remedy's Lice Oil is a concentrated pure essential oil mix that you simply add to your shampoo, saving you time and money. Remedy's Lice Oil is a formulation of pure essential oils of Thyme, Oregano, Tea Tree, Lavender, Geranium and Garlic. These essential oils are known for their ability to kill and repel lice.

To use, add 1/4 of a bottle of Remedy's Lice Oil to your shampoo (usually 16 ounce bottles) and shake well.  Shampoo with a generous amount, put a plastic cap over the hair for one hour and rinse out.  If you use conditioner, also put a 1/4 bottle of Remedy's Lice Oil into the conditioner and follow the conditioner instructions.  

Use Remedy's pure, organic, extra virgin cold-pressed coconut oil to do your comb-through to remove lice nits (eggs).  Nothing but the best for your kids, and you can also use our coconut oil as a skin and hair conditioner.

After your family is lice-free, continue using the shampoo and conditioner with the Lice Oil to repel lice for the rest of the lice 'season' in your area.

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