Are Organic Supplements Important?

Are Organic Supplements Important?

 At Remedys, we are the manufacturer of the organic herbal supplements that we recommend and sell. To meet USDA requirements to call a supplement ‘organic’, 70% of the contents must be organic. Our supplements and vitamins are made using natural ingredients which are either certified organic or are ‘wild crafted’. Wild crafted herbs differ from organic in that they are harvested from nature and not grown in farms. Like organic herbs, they are not sprayed with harmful chemicals or pest-control products. However, because they grow wild, they are not ‘certified’ to be organic, although they are truly as ‘organic’ as nature can produce. Why are organic supplements and organic vitamins better? First, because they do no harm.  They do not introduce harmful chemicals and pest-control products into the body. Second, because the body can better digest and absorb nutrition and bio-active components to support better health from natural components that are in their most natural and untarnished form.   

Why choose Remedys Nutrition over other supplements brands?

We put a true high value in the QUALITY of our products.


Supplements are organic, with no preservatives, additives, fillers, etc. 
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