4 Ways to Select a Good Multivitamin!

4 Ways to Select a Good Multivitamin!



If you are one of those people that take vitamins as part of your daily regimen, you would know that it can get a bit hard to choose from the plethora of different vitamin brands and types available in the pharmacy section or at a vitamin shop.


With every brand claiming to be the best and multiple reviews from different people, you end up scratching your head as to what to do and which vitamin to take. Here are 4 ways that you can determine a good vitamin for yourself.


  1. Read the ingredients label

You should be able to read and understand the ingredients on the label. If you are someone who has been taking vitamins for a while, you would know most of the ingredients already. Therefore, always read and check before buying. If the ingredients are something you have never read/heard of before, a quick Google search would get you the answers. After conducting a research you will be in a position to make informed and better decisions. A good vitamin brand also mentions the source of the ingredients such as mentioning if the gelatin is from bovine, porcine, fish or plants.


  1. No artificial colors or flavors

A good vitamin won’t have any artificial colors or flavors in it. If a vitamin has bright or fruity colors, it is either for kids or not a good one at all so steer clear from these types. They lack any nutritional value and are made from low quality ingredients. All organic ingredients are hard to find so check out https://remedysnutrition.com/ for some high quality vitamins.


  1. Whole foods

Look for a list of whole food sources mentioned in the ingredients label. They are natural and more effective than chemical based and artificially made vitamin ingredients. Whole food sources are from plants or animals and are clearly labeled such as fruits, vegetables, fish, liver etc.


  1. Fillers

Fillers can be harmful. Watch out for low quality fillers because they don’t provide the full potency of the vitamin. The main difference between low quality and high quality fillers is that low quality fillers are made from wheat and corn while the high quality ones are made from plant sources that are high in antioxidants.


Wheat and corn fillers are not suitable for people with gluten allergies. There are only a handful of brands that don’t use fillers at all such as http://www.remedysnutrition.com  so check the list of different vitamins they offer.



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Zoraida caicedo
Zoraida caicedo

Hello…My name is Zoraida a mother of 3 and Im looking for a multivitamins for my kids i have 3 kids ages 2, 11 and 14 and i was wondring if you can help me with that. Im also looking for myself I am 42 and as a mother sometime we can slip off from taking good care of ours self. Normally my husband get his Vitamins from you guys his name is Igor.


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