Is "Detox" a Dirty Word? (Two in the Series)

Part II -- We live in a world full of chemicals. These chemicals make their way into our bodies. What are these chemicals? What do we need to give our bodies to protect itself?

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Dietary Labels and You

Dietary Labels and You

Get the facts on Nutrition Fact Labels. Don't let companies keep pulling the wool over your eyes with their labeling tricks. Here's a quick mini-nutrition 101 on Nutrition Facts! Educate yourself and live a healthier life!

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Is “Detox” a Dirty Word?

Is “Detox” a Dirty Word?

What does 'detox' mean? How long does it take to detox? Just one week of detox and are we really going to be healthy? Or is 'detox' a scram the way it has been presented? Here we will go over this and help you to 'detox' correctly and live healthy!

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Remedy's Nutrition is essentially an Organic Vitamin and Organic Supplement company that offers all natural supplements.  As a true, Organic Supplement Company, we believe that extracts have proven to be harmful in many instances. We use the whole organic herb since it allows the micro-nutrients of the plant improve your health in a more natural and less resistant manner. Our Organic Vitamins and Organic Supplements help support the basic foundation of health. Remedy’s Nutrition is here to serve your needs, wants, and dreams of tomorrow. Join us in celebrating all that life has to offer when it’s lived in the best of health!

Remedy's Charitable Donations

Since 2007 = $275,000

Are Organic Vitamins & Organic Supplements Important?

At Remedy’s, we are the manufacturer of the organic herbal supplements that we recommend and sell.  To meet USDA requirements to call a supplement ‘organic’, 70% of the contents must be organic.  Our supplements and vitamins are made using natural ingredients which are either certified organic or are ‘wild crafted’.  

Wild crafted herbs differ from organic in that they are harvested from nature and not grown in farms.  Like organic herbs, they are not sprayed with harmful chemicals or pest-control products.  However, because they grow wild, they are not ‘certified’ to be organic, although they are the truly as ‘organic’ as nature can produce.

Why are organic supplements and organic vitamins better?  First, because they do no harm.  They do not introduce harmful chemicals and pest-control products into the body.  Second, because the body can better digest and absorb nutrition and bio-active components to support better health from natural components that are in their most natural and untarnished form.   

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Remedy's Nutrition?

We're an Organic Vitamin & Supplement  that offers the best dietary supplements on the market. We're a company that manufactures our own formulated supplements based on clinical studies and years of medical and dietary experience. We believe in providing the purest and most effective forms of supplementation that you an find. The majority of what we produce is organic, and we manufacture everything ourselves.

What services do we provide?

We offer a variety of different services including: Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, Bio-Identical Hormones, Nutritional Consultations, Nursing Consultations, Tissue Testing (Hair Test), Natural Beauty Consultations, Professional Athlete Nutrition, Live Blood Analysis, Herbal Consultations, and Patient Evaluations.

Who are we?

We are a group of Dietitians, Doctors, Nurses, and Herbalists who intrinsically believe in the power of nutrition, education, and maintaining only the highest of standards in dosages and quality for the past 42 years. Whilst being in the business for that long, one tends to learn a thing or two!