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Remedy's Nutrition


This may assist with the following: Aphrodisiac Anti septic calming properties and also used in case of impotence and frigidity. stimulates hair growth and stops early hair loss and controls sebum production and stimulates its effect. sedative effect. the oil is regarded as non-irritant, non-toxic and even non-sensitizing oil Ylang-ylang oil has a sedative and euphoric effect which is directly sensored at the nervous system and this helps with tension, anxiety, fear, shock and even panic. It helps in reducing mental stress and makes one feel free from tension and depression. One who is shocked with any incident or have fear of anything for them it is very effective as it helps in removing it. It has remarkable properties in reducing high blood pressure and also helpful for treating intestinal infections. Seborrhoeic eczema or seborrhea is a disease that comes about as a result of irregular production of sebum, which subsequently affects the health of epidermal cells. The disease causes discoloring of the skin, pale yellow or colored white, and starts peeling off from the eyebrows and the scalp. The essential oil can therefore be useful in treating this inflammatory condition by normalizing sebum production

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