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LEMON Essential Oil 1.5 DRAM Personal Care Remedy's Nutrition

LEMON Essential Oil 1.5 DRAM

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Essential oil of lemon is obtained by cold process from lemon rind.  Lemon essential oil is commonly used in aromatherapy to calm, clear mental fatigue, stimulate thinking and concentration, and to promote an environment perceived as fresh and clean.  

Each essential oil has numerous benefits and applications.  It is anti bacterial, anti microbial and anti fungal.  Essential Lemon Oil is repellent to insects such as mosquitoes.  It is analgesic (pain relieving) as well, so that it can help with the itch and burn of insect bites.   Applied topically, it has an astringent effect and is thus an excellent choice for home-made facial toners.    It can reduce perspiration, so properly diluted it can be a good ingredient for home-made deodorants.  However, always be careful to wash from exposed skin any products made with lemon oil before you go into sunlight as it can make the skin photosensitive. Lemon Oil has a calming and sedating effect, and has been used for cellulite and fungal infections.  

For sensitive skin, do not use more than five percent lemon oil to the rest of the mixture for topical application.  Of course, you may increase the concentration for home cleaning and scenting products to your preference.  Lemon essential oil has antiseptic properties, but its pleasant scent helps to balance the stronger medicinal scents of eucalyptus and tea tree.  You can combine these three oils to create your own DIY (do it yourself) home cleaning and scent products.  Due to the many applications of essential oils and lemon oil, this is only a brief summary of the uses and benefits.  

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.