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JUNIPER BERRY OIL 1.5 DRAM Personal Care Remedy's Nutrition

Juniper Berry Oil

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Remedy's Juniper Oil is a pure essential oil and is not cut with alcohols, carriers, or other ingredients.  Juniper Oil is known for its diuretic properties and for relieving temporary anxiety and stress (aromatherapy).

Juniper Oil is used in cosmetics for its antibacterial effects and for managing acnel it is also an anti inflammatory.  essential Juniper oil has been popular for topical application for relief of athritic pain. 

Juniper Oil is used in perfume as a fresh, bracing note.  Because it is from a tree in the coniferous family (trees that produce cones), it has a scent reminiscent of a pine forest, woodsy and resinous.  

 Before starting any sort of therapy involving Juniper essential oil, do not forget to consult a heath care specialist in order to avoid unwanted side effects. Juniper oil should be avoided by pregnant women and everyone, who has problems with kidneys.