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CBD 900 mg FULL SPECTRUM Supplement Remedy's Nutrition
CBD 900 mg FULL SPECTRUM Supplement Remedy's Nutrition
CBD 900 mg FULL SPECTRUM Supplement Remedy's Nutrition
CBD 900 mg FULL SPECTRUM Supplement Remedy's Nutrition
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, CBD 900 mg FULL SPECTRUM Supplement Remedy's Nutrition
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, CBD 900 mg FULL SPECTRUM Supplement Remedy's Nutrition
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, CBD 900 mg FULL SPECTRUM Supplement Remedy's Nutrition


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CBD NOT FOR SALE in Idaho, Iowa, Nebraska, and North Dakota


Pure, Beneficial & Potent CBD Oil

Remedy's Full Spectrum CBD Oil is certified for potency and safety. You know exactly how much quality THC is in each serving.

Our 900 mg bottle packs in a ton of pure CBD per serving.

We break down every cannabinoid component and guarantee it is Full Spectrum.

Remedy's CBD is grown and processed in the USA. We frequently visit our farm to ensure quality and potency.

Remedy's CBD is formulated and monitored by our in-house M.D. and pharmacist.

Our CBD does NOT contain additives like MCT (coconut oil), glycerin, water, vegetable oils, or any other useless additives.

Helping our neighbors with nutrition, health, and total well-being since 1972. We are not just a CBD provider.

What is CBD? 

CBD – Is it for me?

Almost everyone has heard of CBD and of the many claims made for its health benefits.  Is it marijuana?  Is it legal? Will it get me ‘high’?  Can I pass a drug test if I take it?

Most importantly, we each want to know what health benefits, if any, CBD may have for us.  It is difficult to know who to trust with these questions because of the financial bottom line.

We could think of no better way to answer your questions than to base our facts on information published by Harvard Medical School. 

What is CBD?

The letters ‘CBD’ are the initials for CannaBiDiol.  Cannabidiol is the second most present active ingredient in cannabis, but it is also found in the Hemp plant. The CBD oil that you can buy without a prescription comes from the Hemp plant.  Harvard calls the Hemp plant a ‘cousin’ of the cannabis (marijuana) plant because they share several chemical components.

Will it get me ‘high’?

CBD does not cause a ‘high’ or dependency, and the World Health Organization has not found any public health problems associated with the use of pure CBD. Is it legal?  Federal law may be confusing, but generally allows purchases of CBD products from hemp.  The laws of your State also govern, and many have changed their laws to allow for growing hemp and have made CBD from hemp legal, but cannabis products are still generally only available by prescription. 

Is it safe?

Is CBD Safe

It is always recommended that those using medications, especially the blood thinner Coumadin, consult their healthcare practitioner before using CBD, as is recommended with dietary supplements.



Is your CBD worth the money?

We have a current Test Certificate to prove how much CBD is contained per serving, not per bottle? We guarantee that our CBD is well worth your money, or your money back.

    Do you have a current Test Certificate to prove the THC content, however small?

    Yes, we do. You can see our certificate on our product page.

      Does your Test Certificate break down every cannabinoid component of their product and state full-spectrum?

      Yes, it does. See for yourself :)

      Is your CBD grown locally in the U.S. and have you visited the farm and processing facility?

      Absolutely! All of our CBD is grown locally in the U.S. And yes, we do visit our farm and processing facility frequently to assure quality and potency.

      Do they have an M.D. or a pharmacist-formulated product?

      We have both and M.D. and a pharmacist that help to formulate our CBD product line. You can feel safe using our CBD as it has been carefully formulated and researched.

      Does your CBD contain MCT (coconut oil), glycerin, water, sunflower, other vegetable oils, or any additives other than hemp oil?

      Absolutely not! We never put needless additives or fillers in any of our products. Those who do add these are just watering down your products with cheap fillers. We only include pure, safe, and beneficial CBD, no fillers, no additives.

      How many years of experience do you have in nutritional supplements?

      We have had the pleasure of serving our neighbors since 1972. We love being in this business. We love helping others feel better and live better lives. We are not just in the CBD business. We address the overall well being of our clients.

      Is the 1500 mg giving you at least 53-54 mg of pure CBD?

      Absolutely! You can see for yourself on our certificate.


      These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

      See our CBD Certificates

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      Love the Variety

      Really love the variety and quality of the supplements and vitamins they carry


      Excellent customer service and quality of products is superb!

      Great Value

      Great product. Great value. Great Customer Service.

      I Trust Remedy's

      Always get a good product at the best price. I trust them.

      I Love Everything I've Ordered

      Exceptional quality; speedy shipping; informative staff and fair pricing! I love everything I’ve ordered.

      Steller Company

      I have told MANY of the amazing experiences my husband and I have had with this stellar company. Not only are their products top notch and extremely effective but their customer service is the best. This is a rare company that truly cares about quality on all levels.

      Exceeded My Expectations

      I have purchased several vitamins and supplements from the online store and and have visited The customer service exceeded my expectations. Maria, Gene and the Staff offer excellent customer service. They take their time to explain the products to you. The website is also very easy to navigate. Most important, my moods have improved, energy levels have increased, my stress and anxiety have decreased. The products that I have been using are: Mega VMT, Nuclear Greens, Beet Root, Blood Builder. My immune system is dangerously low. And I need to say that before I started taking these Supplements my doctor gave me the thumbs up 👍🏻 for approval. I am due for blood work in the beginning of June; I will continue the review after I receive my results.

      100% recommended

      I love using their workout supplements, great quality! They have increased my performance and speed up my recovery! 100% recommended!

      Great Products

      Great products, reasonably priced,& the supplements really work. I’m also very happy that I can call and talk to someone regarding their suggestions,& any questions I may have. Dan has really been a great help and source of information on several occasions.

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      Proven Formulas - Doctor and Pharmacist Recommended

      Proven Formulas

      Doctor and Pharmacist Recommended

      Only Good Ingredients - 100% potency, lab verified

      Only Good Ingredients

      100% Potency, Lab-Verified, Practitioner Grade

      Super Clean Ingredients - No fillers, no contaminants, no fluff - ever

      Super Clean Ingredients

      No Fillers, No Contaminants, No Fluff - Ever

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      Trusted quality

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