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CAMPHOR Essential OIL 1.5 Drams

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Remedy's Nutrition


Essential oil of camphor is obtained from the evergreen camphor laurel tree and others in the laurel family. When applied to the skin, it can produce a cool or warm sensation, and also has a modest anesthetic (numbing) effect.  Camphor is anti-microbial, and is popular in vapor 'rub' and steam products for suppressing cough and as a decongestant as well as in balms for muscle pain and chest rubs.  Camphor is a handy oil to keep in store for minor sprains and swellings.  

Camphor oil is commonly recommended for aromatherapy use.  For any alternative use it must be diluted with a carrier oil (olive oil, almond, grapeseed, jojoba, etc) before application.   Please consult an essential oil reference manual for dilution ratios.  Instead of chemical moth-balls, scent several cotton balls with essential oil of Camphor and place at the bottom of closets (out of the reach of children or pets) to deter moths. 




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