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Booby Balm | Women's Breast Cream

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Remedy's Nutrition


Our breast massage cream may have a loony name, but the benefits are undeniable.  Breast tissue contains a high concentration of lymph glands.  When these become congested, a number of breast issues arise. Massaging this essential-oil rich cream into the breasts stimulates the lymph glands to drain and thus support better breast health.  A desirable 'side-effect' is the moisturizing and conditioning of the breast skin.  Many women conscientiously moisturize their face, neck and decollete (upper chest) every day or night, but do not include the breasts in this routine.  

Our Booby Balm base is our beloved Pure & Natural Organic Lotion.  We then add essential oils that support lymphatic drainage and luscious breast skin.   No artificial colors or fragrances.  

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