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Meet our Sponsored Athletes





Seychelle Hattingh


Seychelle was born and raised in the beautiful sun kissed Florida Keys. She's the World Record holder for most miles padded in a 24-hour period (as of 12/6/2015) and now the FASTEST WOMEN ALIVE ON A PADDLEBOARD, professional Standup Paddle Broader, a Fitness Instructor, as well as a raw vegan! She came to Remedy's for nutritional assistance to gain lean body muscle and have the kind of healthy diet that is both balanced, sustainable, and helps her go hard during training and winning races!

Follow her daily supplement regime:

Adrenal Support 2x Daily
Thyroid Support 2x Daily
Remedy's Pure L-Carnitine 1,000 mg 2x Daily
Remedy's L-Creatine 1,200 mg 2 x Daily
Remedy's Kudzu 1,000 mg 2 x Daily
Remedy's Mega Pre-Workout Daily
Remedy's Organic Pure Plant Based Protein 2x Daily
Immunity Factor 2x Daily

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Teresa Diehl


Teresa will be the first woman to attempt a solo kayak crossing from Cuba To USA.
In light of the new advancements in the Cuba and USA relations,
Diehl plans to be the first person/woman to kayak solo from Cuba to USA.
Once she lands on Key West, Diehl will present to school children using her
expedition as a demonstration of what one can accomplish by setting goals.
She will speak with underprivileged children to inspire them to create and
achieve their dreams.

She anticipates a lot of publicity for this journey. Diehl states, “I plan
to utilize this media coverage to bring attention to the need to encourage
children to create goals and learn how to achieve them. My experience in
education has shown a great lack of encouragement for students to complete
their schooling and prepare for further education and university
attendance. I use my kayaking expeditions to show what goal setting can do,
which inspires the children.”
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We are proud to support athletes like Seychelle and Teresa!

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