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Two roads diverged…

Has life taken you down roads that have hurt your health?  Change roads and change your life…


Removing toxins from the body, improving your life choices and getting a little support from food-based supplements from those who have made the journey before you make all the difference in the world.  Start today and see how your life changes. 

Hair analysis is acknowledged by the U. S. government (EPA) as a bona-fide method of measuring toxic metals in the body.  Our hair analysis results also indicate mineral ratios. When analysed by an experienced professional, these combined results may indicate the cause of certain body imbalances that lead to or contribute to disease.  Remedy's has analyzed hair test results for over 25 years.  

As a result of the imbalances (if any) reflected on the test, Remedy's will recommend a custom program of supplementation and if requested, these supplements can optionally be pre-packaged in daily doses for added convenience. 

We have been in business continuously since 1976.  Remedy's Nutrition is the only artisanal supplement manufacturer in the United States. We research and formulate own own proprietary formulas in small batches so that they are always fresh.  Remedy's also insures customer satisfaction.  


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