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ReviveME CBD Organic Lotion w/ Arnica, Menthol, Emu Oil, Vitamin E and Squaline

$ 49.99


Remedy's Nutrition


ReviveME has become simply the lotion of choice.  In an Orgaqnic Lotion base containing  CBD 1500 mg, Arnica, Menthol, Emu Oil, Vitamin E and Squaline, it has proven to alleviate and soothe what hurts. Many products make a lot of claims, we will simply say this:  IT WORKS!

CBD, Arnica and Emu Oil have a long history for restoring health to muscles and skin ailments.  We found a combination that covers the arthritic and muscle soreness that plague so many, but surprisingly we find it works well with Psoriasis and other skin ailments that are not open in nature.  Give it a try TODAY!

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