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Lullabies are calming songs that sing children to sleep.  Remedy's Lullaby Essential Oil mix is a calming and soothing mix of all-natural pure essential oils that support sound sleep. How does aromatherapy work?  A lot more is involved than the pleasing smell and even more than the changes that happen in our brain's limbic systems when we inhale these scents.  Applied to the skin, essential oils enter the blood and the active compounds in the oils do their work for many hours.

Valerian has anti-spasmodic properties, so when applied to sore muscles it promotes relaxation of the spasms that so often keep us awake after a tense day.  Lavender is well known for promoting a sense of relaxation.  The University of Maryland explains that scientific evidence exists for use of lavender to slow down the nerves, lift mood and improve the quality of sleep; it was also observed that lavender may assit with reducing agitation in dementia.  

Remedy's Lullaby Oil blend can be diluted and sprayed onto sheets and pillowcases and a few drops can be blended with your favorite body lotion for a more relaxing night's sleep. 

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