BASIL Oil 1.5 dram

$ 9.79


Remedy's Nutrition


Basil Essential Oil 250 USP Practitioner Oil

Yes, this is the same essential oil of basil that we use to make our Basil & Lime Soap Bar.  If you have become a fan, you can enjoy making your own natural fragrance for use as a body spray,  clothes dryer scent sheet, air conditioner filter and more.  Remedy's essential oil of Basil is not adulterated, nor is any other oil or alcohol added to dilute it.  A little goes a long way; please do not ingest these concentrated oils.  

Put a small amount (25 drops) in a 2 ounce spray bottle and add alcohol (rubbing alcohol will do).  Spray your new essence on pillows, sheets and towels.  You can also spritz your air conditioning filter for a green yet sweet ambiance in your home.  A small spray on a cotton ball or unscented baby wipe can be tossed in the dryer for a natural, non-allergenic way to scent your family's clothes, or to mark your clothes with your favorite scent.  As you try and collect our other essential oils, be creative and combine.  You may find your own signature scent combination!

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