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CBD Hemp Oil-Strongest

STRONG-LEGAL-RAW-ORGANIC.  This is the Strongest CBD OIl that is Offered.

All CBD Oils are not the same.  Quality matters!  This highest grad on the market product is processed through CO2 Cold Fluid Extraction to maintain its potency.  It is ISO Certified and Lab Tested with no Additives.  This strength is for CHRONIC and ACUTE problems.  In addition, It contains a CAVINAOL BOOSTER which regulates terpenes and other cannabioids to boost assimilation AND its effects.  IT does not contain TSH. 

According to NIHS Cannaboids are good for the following:

  • Anti-Anxiety, Anti-epileptic, Anti-psychotic, Protects Neurons, Relaxes Blood Vessels, Decrease Spasms, Increases Oxygen, Anti-Nausea,Slows Cancer Growth, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Diabetic, Relieves Psoriasis, Assist Intestines, Provides Pain Relief, Stimulates Bone Growth, Anti-Inflammatory

Remedy's Nutrition

CBD Oil 25 mg Softgel Premium Hemp Oil Extract 30 Count

$ 180.00

Remedy's Nutrition

CBD Oil 400 mg Premium Hemp Oil Extract

$ 99.00

Remedy's Nutrition

CBD OIL 700 mg Premium Hemp Oil Extract

$ 199.00

Remedy's Nutrition

CBD Oil Lotion Therapy Creme Premium

$ 49.00

Remedy's Nutrition

CBD OIL w/Cavinol 1800 mg Premium Hemp Extract Pharma Grade

$ 399.00

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