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You get what you put into it #10 - Younger Blog

Posted on 04 March 2016

We really are what we eat

You may not think about it, but the quality of your skin in part reflects the quality of your nutrition.  To rebuild and maintain a healthy body, especially the skin part that everybody sees, we need proteins, carbs and fats, preferably from healthy sources.  You’ve seen food pyramids, old and revamped.  You’ve probably seen the upside-down food pyramids as well.  With no disrespect intended to those who invested so much time designing, changing and flipping the pyramids, a consistent approach to nutrition demands an easy-to-follow fun routine that is adaptable to any culture.

My husband Gene is a nutritionist who successfully rebuilds bodies every day.  He has devised a simple visual to help clients of every culture stay on track.  He tells them to take a paper plate and a magic marker.  Draw a line down the middle of the plate.  Now, draw a line that divides the right half of the plate into two even quarters.  Enter the word ‘veggies’ on the larger left-hand side.  In the upper quarter on the right, write the word ‘proteins’, then write ‘carbs’ on the bottom right-hand quarter.  Tack the plate to your refrigerator door as your cheat sheet.

It's a great visual to remember when you shop for groceries as well.  I used to start in dairy section and work my way through the center aisles.  By the time I reached the produce, my budget was done and so was my inclination to pick through veggies.  Now, I navigate the outer perimeter of the store first, and I start with the produce section in the back.  My cart is a lot 'greener' now.  After all, if it should take up half my plate, it's pretty important.  I no longer cruise the aisles in the center of the store...most of the junk food is there.  I only go in those aisles for olive oil, nuts and seeds, and a few other select items.  Month One is your month to ease into new behaviors, and this includes how you shop for food and what you buy.

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