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Give A Hand Up #6 - Younger Blog

Posted on 01 March 2016

 So there it is: my story in a nutshell.  I discovered that you do not have to settle for aging, gracefully or otherwise.  The years must pass but you do not have to become prematurely old.  You have a right to expect the best from yourself because you can attain it, and I do not believe that you have to slice and dice yourself to achieve it.  In each month of the twelve-month plan outlined in this book you will find ways to work on your outlook, energy, and appearance (from hair to toes to mind).  We all want immediate gratification. There is plenty of that here, because the sooner you begin to feel and look better, the more committed you will be to continue.

I encourage you not to do it alone.  Find a friend or friends that want to be involved in a project that will change all of you for the better.  Together, begin talking now about how you plan to celebrate your success this time next year.  Don't know how to start?  Call or email us at Remedy's Nutrition - we love to serve.  

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