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Remodel Yourself #3 - Younger Blog

Posted on 27 February 2016

We remodel our cars.  We remodel our houses.  Our natural tendency is to create and re-create.  But when it comes to ourselves, why do we settle for “use it up, wear it out; make it do or do without”?

Human beings should not be a disposable commodity.  Our society values youth and energy.  Because this is imposed on us, how much better to feel and look young while benefitting from the knowledge we accumulate over decades!  The options we are given seem to rest at two extremes:  plastic surgery, hormones and injectables, or the supposed dignity of aging gracefully.  What if our bodies hold the potential to meet us halfway or more if we know what to do?  What if there were options that demanded commitment but paid dividends in true rejuvenation and staying power?  There are professions that demand the quick fixes of surgery and constant tweeks:  models, actors and those in the public eye often cannot afford the wait that a true remodel of the body requires.  If they want that next movie or cover, they have to stay ahead of the curve.

What about the rest of us?  We invest in educations that increasingly demand greater investments of time in school.  Middle age has shifted from mid-life to almost three-quarters.  It is not uncommon for daughters and mothers to look more like sisters.   Should we settle for the old values that when we sag, crease or go gray, we shrug and accept that everyone has to grow old?  Like our cars and houses, we should be able to ‘remodel’ ourselves if that's what we would like to do.

But, have you ever parked an extra vehicle for an extended time?  It probably did not start up right away or at all without additional work and investment.  Our bodies are similar.  If we haven't exercised of have a desk job for an extended amount of time, our bodies lose tone and strength.  One day, we want to 'start it up' and it just doesn't.  If you have not become inactive, work hard to keep it that way.  But what can you do when you find that you've waited a little too long?  It's not much of a 'hack', but all of us know that walking can be fundamental.  

What can you do if you live in an urban area where walking is not safe, or if you are not up to walking?  Stretch resistance bands can be an affordable, do-anywhere option (  You can even watch TV while you work out.  As you progress on your body remodel and improve your hydration, breathing, nutrition and put your body in motion, the body's inclination is going to be to stay in motion. And you will be on your way.

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