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What's In It for You? #2 - Younger Blog

Posted on 25 February 2016

Follow this blog and you will learn dozens of "tweeks" each week you can add to your life, all structured to provide a foundation for upcoming grow-younger secrets.  Sometimes you may be tempted to skip a few as too simple...please don't.  The simplest things in life are free, but free does not mean worthless.  You will not believe it until you try it, but drinking sufficient water, learning how to breathe and how to let go of stress are the best investments you will ever make.  Immediate gratification is also a wonderful motivator. The sooner you feel that you are looking younger, the more committed you will become to go on. 

I have been a make-up artist, model and actor; that experience taught me how to fool the eye.  Because we all need immediate gratification when we tackle a long-term anti-aging project, I will pass those tips and how-too along. I also research and create beauty and healthy supplements. I may occasionally recommend one of my own products when I know it to be the best available.  Once before, I turned the clock back when I was newly single and almost forty.  In a story line that mimics the 'Younger' sitcom, I no longer fit in with my married friends.  The rest I'll tell you later on.  Now, I need another challenge to tackle a far tougher project: turning the clock back from sixty to forty...if I'm really good, maybe to thirty.  And I think it would be fun not to have to do it alone.

What's in it for you?  As i said, the best things in life are free.  But, you always pay in time or money.  As they say in the commercials, what you will get is priceless.  You still don't believe you have the time?  Today, start a diary, paper or online.  In the inside cover page, make a notation of how much time you spend on the average watching TV, whether 'quality' TV like the news or self-improvement programs, or mindless junk.  Add the average daily time you spend reading and answering emails, shopping online or other computer entertaining.  If you are an avid reader, add that time.  When most us realize the hours we spend in front of the TV or the computer, we can more honestly commit to spending 15-30 minutes a day on ourselves becoming younger and healthier.

Find a friend and compare notes...and you may be able to recruit them to grow younger with you.  Today, start looking better to yourself and others immediately:

1)     Buy a 'blurring' cream or primer.  One of the best is Smashbox Photo Finish foundation primer in original (Sephora, ULTA or online),or Loreal's Revitalist Miracle Blur at the drugstore (see the info at 

2)     Buy a sculpting moisturizer that will very quickly (1 day to 1 week) start tightening the skin and giving a lifted appearance.  Use it morning and night, after toning the skin with a witch hazel toner (drugstore).  A good one is Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream (drugstore).  However, I use Visage de Rajeunir which my husband Gene designed for me (   I have worked for Yves St. Laurent, Germaine Monteil, Dior, Ultima II and IS, and none of their products worked as quickly or as well as this does.  Did I mention it also happens to be an organic cream with no fragrance or artificial ingredients?  I guess that's what happens when you make things with love.  

3)    You don't have to wear foundation. don't.  It is one of those counter-intuitive things in beauty because it can actually make you look older.  If your skin is less than perfect, it takes great skill to apply foundation that will actually not highlight the imperfections. First, the color match has to be perfect.  Again, Sephora or ULTA are great places to stripe a few testers on the jawline.  Pick the one that seems to disappear in comparison with the others.  Drugstore brands can be just as good as the high end products, especially Revlon.  Revlon's  Skinlights Diffusing Tint Foundation is one of the best.  Sadly it has been discontinued, but you can hunt it down on Amazon.  If you find a good color fit, buy multiples.  It will last you a long time.  

However, don't apply makeup straight on.  Put a few pumps of makeup on your palm and dilute it with a sprtiz of Evian water spray (or a few drops of your witch hazel, and add a few drops of a very light moisturizer.  Blend together and apply with a moist sponge.  After it dries, buff lightly with kleenex to remove the excess.  The desired effect is a sheer application that allows your real skin, freckles and all, to show.  But remember, you don't have to wear foundation.  You will probably look younger without it.  

If you can manage to skip the foundation, lightly dust a Physician's Formula bronzer (see 6) over the face after your moisturizer dries. 

4)    At ULTA or Sephora, test drive the perfect eye shadow.  Study women in film and TV, and you will notice almost all of them wear a peachy/apricot tone that is neutral and universally flattering to all skin tones, eye color and ages.  My current favorite is Sephora's Indian Summer (#79).  It seems like a bright orange, but try it; you'll see how flattering it is.  

5)   Never pass on mascara, and get an eyelash curler.  It will open the eyes and rejuvenate their appearance.  Some of the best mascaras are Chanel's 'Le Volume de Chanel' (Macy's, Bloomingdales or search online) and 'They're Real!' by Benefit (Sephora, ULTA, online).  Both will build longer lashes with great volume in just a couple of passes.  Both are in the same price range.  In the last few years, the price gap between higher-priced lines and drugstore brands has closed dramatically.  You may find it worth the difference to try the higher-end mascaras.  If you wish to purchase drugstore brands, Loreal's Shocking Extensions Mascara will work very well.   

6)    Cheekbones:  don't fall for the current trend of darkening the jawline so much it looks like five o'clock shadow.  Physician's Formula Bronzer will add the necessary depth to the under-check area.  The brush it comes with is useless, so purchase a medium round flat-finish brush.   Twirl the brush lightly underneath the cheekbones as you make a 'fish face'.  You want to create the hint of shadow under the cheekbones.  Now add a sun-kissed glow to your forehead, chin and nose, just were the sun naturally would.   The bronzer is also ideal for light application to the neck area and decollete.  If you prefer a high-end product, Guerlain's bronzer  is ideal (Macy's, Sephora).

7)  Blush:  Look at current fashion print or online magazines.  You will find that the old-fashioned pink apple cheeks will date your look.  Pinch your cheeks lightly and study the natural blushing result.  That is were blush goes, should you chose to use it, and the color that you naturally blush is the target color.  Believe it or not, one of the most universally flattering and beautiful blushes on nearly everyone is Nars 'Desire', which looks like a fluorescent fuchsia in its case, but blooms to a flattering youthful blush on the face.  Try it.  You may like it.  

8)   Lips:  This is one of the places that ages the most quickly, especially in smokers and those who don't drink much water (yes, your lips do get dehydrated along with your skin). So drink plenty of water if you want fuller lips.  Another great help is Lip Injection Extreme by TooFaced.  It really does provide a marked plumping effect, although it does have to be reapplied often.  You can lightly define the lip, especially the 'bow' at the top of the lip before using the lip plumper (Chanel's Lip Definer pencil in Nude is perfect for almost any skin tone).  The liner will keep any lipstick (if you chose to use it) from migrating or getting into any little lip lines.  Lip color now runs the gamut from nude to fluorescent.  Stick with the colors that suit you best.  

Start with these basics.  We'll layer tweeks and hacks as we go along.  If you can't afford them all now, start with the face primer and the mascara.  Let your rejuvenation buddies know which items you need when they ask what you want for a gift.  Make friends with the makeup advisor at your local drugstore.  Ask when brands will be on 'BOGO' or promotion.  Talk to your favorite salesperson at the high-end makeup counter.  They always know when a gift-with-purchase or one of Sak's famous give-away promotions (usually September) is coming up.  Pick up the monthly flyer (Walgreens) for the following month so you can budget ahead.  If you are blessed with more money than your buddies, share the wealth and buy them what they need. 

If you still can't purchase those items now, here is your face "hack" for the week.  Mix a good Greek yogurt (full-fat yogurt, no fruit) with oatmeal.  Grind the oatmeal in a bullet, blender, mortar and pestle, or between your hands.  Mix with the yogurt to a mask-like consistency.  Apply and allow 30 minutes before you wash it off.  If you would like to see the dramatic difference this simple mask makes, try it on only one hand and compare hands.  You never see 'free' in the same light again.

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