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YOUNGER...Sixty to Forty in Twelve

Posted on 24 February 2016


Who after the age of 25 hasn’t fantasized about looking younger? Can we really appear decades younger than we are? For many, day-dreaming is as far as it goes.  We see a celebrity turn back the clock and think that with enough money anyone can do it, but we just don’t have the money. Then a school photo or an exceptionally young-looking friend (we all have one) makes us wonder 'what if?' again.  Can we morph from sixty to forty? Forty to Thirty?  You will only know if you try. 

Younger takes time or money

An old adage says that we pay in time or money.  What if you could buy time from your life to become younger?  What if you could layer practical 'hacks' that build a younger you day by day and month by month into your everyday life? We are talking about practical and doable steps which, approached correctly, can change both how others see you and, most importantly,  how you see yourself.

You have to want to 

First, you need motivation.  I believe everyone wants to be healthier and feel young. Actually doing something about it seems difficult.  Today, look for a role model that you would like to look like.  Most people pick a celebrity...I believe you should pick yourself. Go through your photos and find your favorite.  Has your hair color changed?  How was your hair cut or styled?  Do you like the old cut or color better?  Sometimes we change because its the fashion, but it is not our best 'look'.  What color makes you feel great when you wear it?  Have you changed how you wear your makeup?

Post that picture in a place you will see it everyday, perhaps in the bathroom.  Become familiar again with the favorite you that you were, perhaps before university, work or children came along.  Has your weight changed?  If so, honestly review the eating habits you've acquired.  Are they different from your eating habits at the time of your favorite picture?  Awareness of why we have changed is the first step to changing what we want to improve.   

Losing Weight Is Not About What You Don't Eat

If you want to lose weight, do not focus on what you cannot eat, but what you can.  Start your grocery shopping in the produce section.  There are always healthful and appealing fruits and vegetables on promotion.  Build your meals for the week around them, rather than the other way around.  Work on thinking of vegetables as the focus of the meal.  And remember, most people can't 'overeat' vegetables and salads.  If you grew up in a household where vegetables were a pile of boiled mush, rest assure they don't have to be.  When you bring your veggies home, visit for quick and delicious recipes.  Oh - and eat fat.  Yes, really.  One in every four Americans has become overweight since the 'fat free' revolution of the last two decades.  Fat is not the enemy.  If you want proof, call us.

Lose ten pounds your first week

When you fill up on whole foods full of fiber and avoid no fat and low fat 'frankensteined' foods and avoid diet foods and artificial sweeteners, you will discover that your metabolism begins to pick up the pace.  You will also have less room for the junk.   And you will discover that you have more energy, have stopped putting on weight, and the pounds are starting to retreat.  And you have not even gotten started yet!  If you feel you need 'instant' gratification, call us for a free copy of a delicious one-week eating program (we don't do 'diets') that allows you to eat almost everything, just in specified days.  It is all accompanied by a really good delicious soup that will keep you full.  Most of our clients lose 10-15 pounds the first week.'s free!

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