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Treating ADD and ADHD Naturally

Gene Lentz

Posted on October 08 2018

Over the years, a number of patients that suffer from ADD and ADHD have had tremendous success with herbs, diet and supplements. There are some basic rules that must be adhered to for any measurable success to be experienced long term:

1. Many products and drugs claim to be the “magic bullet”, but our experience has proven a “magic bullet” does not exist.

2. Medications are a patch but can be effective for short term use.

3. Diet must be the central part of any treatment plan.

4. Toxic Metals must be ruled out as an instigator in the body.

5. Proper sleep must be attained and maintained

6. Supplements need to be given specifically for the condition present.

Let us start with #1. Every day someone is trying to reinvent the wheel, but the wheel works pretty good if it is in balance. Instead of looking for the Bigger Better Deal, look for clinical solutions that have effectively worked for most for hundreds of years. It is tempting to try to change the rules of behavioral abnormalities, but often the result is much worse than the existing condition.

Now #2. Medications can be very effective for short term use, as they were originally intended. When you research the drugs that are on the market for ADD and ADHD most, if not all, are approved for two weeks to three months use. All other usages are off label applications. No one knows exactly what the long term effects will be and how they will manifest themselves as the long-term use has not been clinically studied.

#3 GOOD NEWS! Far too often diet is overlooked or not given the attention it deserves. Sugar can stimulate the brain more than Cocaine. Avicenna was born in a village near Bukhara and is considered the Father of All Modern Medicine. Avicenna advocated that medical practitioners keep sugar in a locked box because it was considered so potent and healing when used properly. A hormone called Aldosterone (which is produced by the Adrenal glands) controls sugar in the body. When sugar and/or carbohydrates are ingested, these hormones go haywire and keep the body excited, sometimes for up to a week. As difficult as it may be to implement: all sugar, carbohydrates, fruit, bread, pasta, rice, and sweets must be removed from the diet for three months to reset the body and its metabolism.

#4 MORE GOOD NEWS! Toxic metals such as copper, mercury, aluminum serve as instigators in the body and make the body crave carbohydrates, which directly affect the body’s ability to focus. In our studies, 8 out of 10 patients that suffer from ADD and ADHD have some sort of toxic metal coupled with carbohydrate intolerance. Toxic metals can be removed. Often, the results are just like turning on a light switch in the difference the patient feels.

#5 Cannot be Overemphasized. Sleep is essential for all, but especially for ADD and ADHD patients. Since the body is in an excited state for much of the day, the body needs to rest and recuperate. A lack of sleep can literally lead to insanity. Those suffering from ADD and ADHD may find going to sleep is generally simple; however, staying asleep is something quite different. Before sleep, take a supplement like Mega Sleep. Should you awaken in the night, take melatonin (3mg or 5mg sublingual). Within a few minutes you should go back to sleep. Additionally, I would recommend taking some sort of a combination of Valerian, Kava-Kava and Ashwagandha before bed. As an antispasmodic herb, Valerian will serve as a body relaxer, Kava-Kava will relax the mind and  will stop repetitive mind thought.

#6 Supplement Regime


All Capsules are 1,000 mg dosage

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